IPY 2.5 Feature 1 – “The Tram”

by Azaroth | April 1st, 2012

Waiting For The Tram

Lots of new and exciting features are on their way for 2.5, which launches this week.

Until then, we’ll discuss one major feature on the blog each day.

Introducing The Tram

The Tram is an exciting new feature for 2.5 that will allow you to travel anywhere, instantly. All players will be given a “Tram Ticket” in their backpack that frees them from the terrible “grind” of travel spells in UO.

Being able to instantly travel to the Tram Station (sort of like a moongate) will benefit PvP by allowing users to go anywhere, any time, instantly. No spell delays, no reagents, absolutely nothing getting in the way of your fun in our hardcore, open world MMORPG.

Everyone will be happy to know that the waiting area (The Tram Station) is FULLY GUARDED and OCB DISABLED, so there’s no chance of having anything but fun with our new feature.

Travel to and from dungeons, including Hythloth and Deceit instantly!

Travel to your favourite towns with a double click!

Travel to NEW LANDS, accessible only via The Tram!

Murderers may not use The Tram.

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