Where The Cool Things Are – 2.5 Development Update

by Azaroth | April 12th, 2012

Greetings all!

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. Real life has been keeping me exceptionally busy, and I genuinely am very sorry for not engaging the community as I should be. It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to address such a dedicated community of fantastic gamers. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying extra Tilly!

Work on IPY 2.5 is continuing, though we hesitate to release a full feature list for fear that we wouldn’t be able to complete the whole thing on time. We hope that’s fair.

I’m not going to hype you. It’s a lot of work, and it’ll take a while to get it all together and running properly.

Luckily, we intend on releasing a pre-patch leading up to IPY 2.5. This will be done soon, and we CAN discuss what will happen in that patch!

The pre-patch IS part of IPY 2.5. It’s all things that were slated to be released for 2.5, so in that sense, the patch will be coming in two parts. One small, one large.

So what are we talking about?

Well, that’s something we’ve considered carefully. We think that people have been waiting for RoT to be removed for a long, long time now, and with news that it COULD (or even would) be, a lot of people are holding off on joining or even ceasing their macroing waiting for the change.

We’re also hearing a lot of requests for PvE content.

So for the IPY 2.5 pre-patch, we’re adding:

  • Rested Skill System
  • Tilly’s Minions
  • Ultra Slayers

We’ll get in to each of those things in detail over the weekend on this blog and on Facebook!


Stay tuned!


7 Responses to “Where The Cool Things Are – 2.5 Development Update”

  1. Sounds awesome! Very promising and I’m excited to see these new additions in game.

  2. Yeah man this update right here im sure will make alot of people start playing again. I’ve also heard you speak of pet bonding once will that be in this update?

  3. Pet bonding! What a good idea for an addition!

    We’ll have to hold a poll to see what people want as the fourth feature of the prepatch.

  4. What is pet bonding.. Reviving pet spirits as a ghost? Is this why players are not playing as tamers on IPY?

  5. I believe its because of the hassle it is to bring your pets down into dungeons and how hard it is to make them listen at gm, atleast that is the reasons I hardly hunt with my tamer.

    Pet bonding to me is just a real time saver, plus gives me a reason to try and make my pets stronger. So give tamers an extra goal. Also yes it makes it so when your pet dies it becomes a ghost.

  6. most of the dungeons need some serious overhaul in terms of spawns and decorations/add-ons (bridges, teleporters, teleporters that take you onto a boat in the dungeon, npc’s (monsters that speak but are invul and cant deal damage) etc etc…

    really utilziing every bit of space available in dungeons instead of every level being pointless in exception of 2 or 3 hot spots.

    make it so you can’t just speed past everything to get to the last level of the dungeon/the hot spots for the greatest reward(s)

    i remember when going to a dungeon was an adventure for a player.. now its just cruise through every pointless, uninteresting mob to get to the hotspot and go to the bank after every 2000 gold.

  7. and there will need to be reason to not speed through the dungeons but not so that players are just killing low mobs all day long… maybe have small mobs have a percentage of dropping something of relevance to a player…

    ie: a ‘skeleton key’ that is useable once and unlocks certain areas in a dungeon

    just an idea.

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