IPY 2.4999 – Ultra Slayers, and What’s Your Fourth?

by Azaroth | April 13th, 2012


What’s an Ultra Slayer, exactly?

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An Ultra Slayer is a monster-specific weapon unique to IPY.

Much like a regular slayer, the Ultra Slayer inflicts special effects on a group of monsters (but NOT players). The Ultra Slayer is a bit different, however.

Instead of simply doing double damage to a monster type, the Ultra Slayer has a set chance to fire a magical effect, much like oldschool charged magical weapons such as Dragon’s Breath weapons. Rarely, you can even find an Ultra Slayer that fires an AoE version of its effect. Now that’s a spicy meatball!

 Why Ultra Slayers?

We’re working toward a viable PvE endgame for 2.5, and adding via endgame rewards is a major part of that. For now, lesser Ultra Slayers can show up in game in any number of ways, from Seer quest rewards to major event bosses or anything else.






We’ve scheduled three great additions for the IPY 2.5 prepatch, and there’s plenty of room for a fourth.

What would YOURS be? So far, Pet Bonding has been suggested… and I’m a big fan of the idea.

6 Responses to “IPY 2.4999 – Ultra Slayers, and What’s Your Fourth?”

  1. Sounds cool, so it will also drop as rare from some stronger monsters?

  2. The champ spawn system I suggested…


  3. Sword sounds cool! make sure its really really hard to get one! and NOT BLESSED

    Also a server War once or twice a week would be nice people always loved it!!

    Yes Champ System.

    We need Combat Notoriety system. blue healers are really getting annoying in town and out. if your healing a person in combat you should at least flag to the combatants enemy.

    Also people are Sick of Pallys to many pallys and enough Reds. No Reds = people Bored……. Revamp the pallys fast. Remove the ORB

    Lower Short terms so we have some more reds! 4hrs would be much better then 8hrs.

    People Love UO because it Raw! kill anyone if you have the skill. if you tame it people leave…. and that is whats happening to IPY to many pallys causing reds to leave causing blues to be bored…

    Thanks for a Fun Server! THAT IS NOT TRAMMY

  4. Hmm… Something else that would be cool and easy would be to introduce some of the new houses to this server. The marble workshop and other such….. <3 marble patio.

  5. Probably a Spell Revamp:

    Basically take a bunch of spells virtually no one uses and tweak them to make them useful for both PvE and PvP or alter some existing ones to rebalance things. Having more ways to farm stuff with magery and fight in PvP adds in incredible amount of diversity which in makes people want to stick around longer. Having only one way to fight or do things (farm with demons / pvp with ebolt + lighting) gets boring quick.

    And make most spells scale with user’s Magery instead of just outright doing certain affects.

    Most of these changes are really easy to code.

    Reactive Armor: Remove damage reduction effect and add (Magery / 4)% to avoid spell interruption from hits from melee/archery. This would balance dexers vs mages a bit, which right now is skewed towards mages.

    Harm: 100% Spell Interrupt chance.

    Protection: Add (Magery / 5) AR for 5 minutes. Right now spell is worthless.

    Fireball: 3x Normal casting time but Mind Blast level damage (10-25)

    Fire Field: Do 3-5 damage per second instead of 1.

    Summon Creature: Add low and medium level monsters (orcs/ogres/gargoyles/giant serpents) to monster list and have higher Magery result in tougher monsters/animals summoned

    Mana Drain: Drain mana from monsters (Magery / 5) and inflict an equal amount of damage equal to mana drained.

    Flamestrike: Increase damage

    Summon Elementals/Demon: Change up stats for all level 8 summons, because right there is no reason to use elementals at all. Could just make alternate versions of the creatures and when they are summoned they show up as “a bound fire elemental” and etc.

    Demon: Drastically their reduce mana; they should be mostly melee damage.

    Earth: Increase HP and AR a ton! They should be used to tank.

    Air: Should have drastic reduction in melee damage taken (ethereal) and have fast movement tick timer (reaction speed). Great for fighting NPC humans and chasing fleeing monsters.

    Fire: Set to take 2 taming slots (not 4! as now) and have tons of mana. They should be highest spell casting damage.

    Water: Make them almost invulnerable to spells (especially dispel). They should be used against magic monsters.

  6. Oops. Meant to say with reactive armor that PvP is skewed towards Dexers.

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