IPY 2.5 – Thoughts

by Azaroth | June 1st, 2012

As I sit, typing away in front of yet another document, the list of total achievements crossing four hundred… then four hundred-fifty, then beyond… I wonder to myself…

Why isn’t the release of IPY 2.5 going to be just as big as IPY 2? Why wouldn’t thousands of players flock to this?

I have no real answer.

IPY 2 was the biggest thing to happen in the Ultima Online universe in many years. IPY 2.5 is arguably just as big, just as innovative… maybe more so.

People have been dying for information for a long time now. We’ve been wanting to give you the information. It’s exciting for us too. However, things like this take a long time – even for big companies. We’re not tweaking lines of code here and there. We’re adding major game systems to an MMO.

As we move in to summer and Seneschal leaves his day job, we hope things begin to move much more quickly. We’re also looking at taking on a couple of new coders. Hopefully that helps.

We hope to have some fun and interesting screenshots and blog features for you in the coming weeks.


2 Responses to “IPY 2.5 – Thoughts”

  1. ScareCrow says:

    Name one of the major game systems you’re adding in 2.5. You don’t have to go into extensive detail, leave it totally vague if you want, but throw us a bone :)

  2. Seriously man says:

    You’re making this sounds like its months away, at the earliest….

    Shouldn’t you implement something, before more people leave the server? Instead of implementing something fantastic after everyone left?

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