Discussing The Golden Land

by Azaroth | June 13th, 2012

The time has come to sit down and discuss the Golden Land concept out in the open.

For the longest time, everyone in the UO community has wondered how to reignite the population of an Ultima Online shard short of a wipe or opening a new server. The truth in the observation that it’s simply impossible becomes largely undeniable when much-desired, fully “player positive” changes are implemented like Power Hour and the removal of RoT, and the net effect ends up being very little.

The question becomes – “If people love a fresh start in UO so much, but you cannot wipe the progress of your veterans, and a fresh UO shard is the only thing that truly ignites the passion and imagination of Ultima Online fans in the far reaches of the internet… what is the answer?”

The answer, as I see it, is Parallel Play.

In the Parallel Play system, the entire world remains as it is. The Golden Land is technically a new facet that is “integrated” with the current one.

To travel to the Golden Land brings your current character on the adventure, but with no skills, items, or indeed possessions of any kind whatsoever on his or her first journey. In this alternate realm, no items or skills may be brought back, either.

Players on each facet are visible, yet “ghosted” to each other. Their locations and actions are visible both ways, and travel to and from the alternate realm is done via special items that can transport a player in any location and at almost any time.

In this way, players technically exist in both facets – the actions of all players are visible in your area, whether you’re in Britannia or the Golden Land. Interacting with those in the opposite realm is possible at the click of an item, essentially combining two rulesets into one world.

What we achieve is the excitement of a fresh start and the ability to give our users a wide array of options for play (such a Factions and UO:R PvP). All of this without wiping, new shards, or the loss of our old world and all of the things about it you love.

That being said, we are not forgetting about the old world in any way.

The IPY 2.5 release is HUGE, and we’ll begin discussing our plans for the main facet right here on the brand new INPORYLEM.COM soon.

Please look forward to the beginning of our new 10 in 10 feature this week.сондажи

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  1. I can deal with everything except mounts.. why do you want to have pvp where people just zoom on/off screen and dont actually fight.

  2. Einsacks says:

    This is one of the most unique game design ideas I’ve ever heard of, and it’s cool to see UOs sandboxy goodness still providing the opportunity for innovation after 15 years.
    I wish you guys the best in terms of pulling it off. I think ingenuity like this is hard to even fathom let alone reward in the short term, but I think this could be the start of something great — I imagine the road will be about as easy to navigate as when I ran my first char from trinsic to brit on a 14.4 aol connection — but I respect the fact you guys are doing something new, because I think that kind of freshness is key to real sustainability that goes beyond an ever fading rehash cycle of nostalgia

  3. This is a terrible idea. Had like 10 paragraphs typed out, deleted it. No point. Im perplexed as to how you think the very same shortsightedness which led to this problem can also solve it. It blows me away.

  4. Xavier WER says:

    I’ve had the discussion of a Britannia facet with another ruleset before, I think it was one of the many design discussions regarding a Rebirth reboot (there’s been like 2 attempts at that).

    It is a great idea but the main argument against it has always been spreading the population too thin, however with the open world pvp,
    or rather pking, being as it is it might be a positive aspect.
    I’ve seen alot of threads and experienced first hand how awful the
    pk problem can get.
    Farming in Shame never amounts too much since every other blue will logon a pk or call a friend to get rid of you.
    Opening the possibility to have more places to visit could appeal
    to casual players who might just wanna go at it alone for a while
    Adventuring without interference for abit could be worth alot.

    However I’m skeptical about ghosting aspect. It could be very
    confusing for people who aren’t aware of the feature and new players alike.
    Perhaps associate it with a usable skill like spirit speak?
    It fits into the skill description to be able to communicate with
    another world and the overall gameplay would be less cluttered
    for everyone who don’t care for voyeurism

  5. I know how you can get more players, Az! Unban me! :D I’ll bring my friend platypus and my girlfriend at least. I believe you wiped most of my items for my shenanigans with the donation system and I’m sorry for what I did. I’ll support your shard to the fullest if you unban me! I have hope in IPY 2.5! Add an adventuring area with mounts! Not everyone is 100% pvper. Also, update the rares. Don’t ever repeat exact rares. Start with best hues first. Wandering rares vendor gold sink in adventuring land to keep people running around with things such as neon hair dye and other Trammie deliciousness. Encourage piracy in the bay.. Add more pirate items.. Make black pirate hats able to be cut for 1 cloth. I’d like to see proximity mines in a capture the flag twice daily event in which the winning team gets trophies or silver coins to turn in for prizes as on UOSA. Thank you for your time, Az. pls2unbankthx God bless you.

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